5 Reason to Visit Guatemala

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If you're someone who likes to travel for cheap, eat delicious food, and learn new history then Guatemala is a country you don't want to  skip. While my time in this eclectic country was short, Guatemala    left an impression on me that has left me yearning for more. I was   immediately hit with sticker shock (in a great way) after crossing   the border from the English speaking country of Belize. While the    countries have many similarities they are vastly different as well.  Here are the reasons why Guatemala needs to be a part of your next   Central American adventure.
  1. Delish nachos

 Now I know what you’re thinking…. people visit one Latin American country and swear they tasted

La Villa Del Chef, Flores

the best nachos. Well, I can brag that I have been to multiple Latin-American countries and out of the ones visited so far, Guatemala holds the title for best nachos. I haven’t figured out if it’s the chips or salsa that makes them so addicting.


  1. Affordable Pampering
    This one is mainly for the ladies since I cannot speak on the prices of pampering services for men (i.e Haircuts). But let me attest to the quality of nail care and skin care I received in Guatemala. A simple Gel manicure ran me $12 USD while hour-long massage set me back $20 USD. 
  2. Exotic wildlifeIf you had told me a 5 years ago that I would be walking through the Guatemalan rainforest with howler monkeys screaming about my head, I would have told you, you were crazy. Often times, visitors to the famous Tikal ruins are more impressed with the surrounding rainforest than the actual ruins themselves. According to the World Conservation Union, Guatemala is number five on this list of World Biodiversity Hot Spots.
  3. Cheap food
    Tikal, Guatemala

    Along with pampering, delicious food won’t rack up hefty price tag either. You will not be hard-pressed to find a massive enchilada for less than $5 USD. A nice meal for two at a sit-down restaurant will only set you back $20-$25USD. The flavors and spices incorporated into Guatemalan food easily rival that of its neighbors.

  4. Fascinating History
    Guatemala boasts a large collection of ancient Mayan ruins that help tell the story of the Mayan people. Dated back to about 2,000 BC – 250 AD the Maya civilizations flourished in the region with little contact with cultures outside Mesoamerica. In their path, they left magnificent structures and tools. What most historians consider the history of modern Guatemala began in 1511 with the Spanish conquest of Guatemala.



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