Heating Thing Up with Marie Sharp

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If you’re anything like me, you love to explore new cuisines while traveling. That exact love for food is what prompted me to take a cooking class in San Ignacio Belize. Marie Sharp is a Belizean entrepreneur most recognized for her internationally-known habanero-based pepper sauces. Not only does she produce delicious sauces, custards, and jams, her foundation also offers cooking classes. In these classes, students learn how to cook traditional Belizean food…. which I must admit is very similar to Jamaica food and just as scrumptious. All of the required utensils and ingredients are provided and you even get an apron and chefs hat to dress up with! There aren’t many “excursions” that I yearn to do again but this is most definitely one of them! they were even kind enough to share the recipe with me so I can take a piece of Belize home with me.



To book a tour contact the Marie Sharp Tourist Center

https://www.facebook .com/MarieSharpTouristCenteran dCulinaryClass/

Tell them Brieanna from LetsBCarey.com sent you! ūüôā

The bread pudding was a big hit with my boyfriend and it's extremely easy to make! Message me for the         recipe!


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