Recap of My Week in Paradise: Adventure​ One

Wow, It’s been so long since I’ve made a post and I am extremely ashamed of it! But I’m back and better than ever now! I recently returned from spending a lovely spring break in Jamaica (a.k.a my second home). There are no words to describe the love I have developed for this vibrant country. The people are breathtaking, the food is out of this world delicious, and the beaches come with this own stunning filters. In this post, I will be highlighting some of the most exciting things to do on the North Coast.

We begin this recap series with my old love….. the Blue Hole in Westmoreland.

With its lush greenery and emerald waters, the Blue Hole is a small slice of heaven on earth. It harbors good energy and cleanses the soul of 21st-century impurities. Just a short 20-minute ride from the Ocho Rios bus/taxi station and completely worth it. The route taxi ride to the Blue Hole is 200 JMD per person and the entrance fee is 1000 JMD. From there you will need to hire a tour guide and rent water shoes if you want. (I never do) I suggest Clinton (Whatsapp (876)861-4103). He is very friendly, knowledgeable and safe. (Tell him Brieanna sent you!) I have been to the Blue Hole twice and I am always amazed at how much it has grown in popularity. When I went the first time in 2016 there was hardly anyone there. Upon my return in 2018, I was shocked to see loads of people and actual infrastructure! It’s a great touch and I’m so happy to see tourist out explore other parts of Jamaica.

I highly advise you to visit the Blue Hole when traveling to Jamaica. Get there as early as possible in order to have a more intimate and secluded experience.


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