Are Essence Festival Concert Tickets Worth the Price??


As most of you who have been following my travel know, I recently attended my first music festival: Essence Music Festival. Now that I have had time to come off of the high that is, the city of New Orleans, I am able to reflect on my experience. Overall there isn’t a single thing that I can say ruined my trip, but I will admit that I could see why some others would be dissatisfied. If you don’t already know, Essence festival consists of a daytime convention open to the public. Hundreds, if not thousands, of vendors, come to showcase their products. If you’re someone who likes free stuff like myself, then you definitely shouldn’t miss the convention.


Jhene Aiko, Essence Music Festival


When it comes to concert tickets, it’s an entirely different story. While concert tickets are available very early, I would suggest waiting till the artist lineup is confirmed. Tickets usually debut at $150 for the 3- day weekend and $50 per day. While that may seem like a lot, you have to remember that includes over 50+ artist performances. It is up to you to decide if the artist performing are worth it to you. I personally see no point in buying tickets to a concert where there is no one I’m dying to see. Once the lineup is released you will be able to buy tickets for days in which your favorite artist are preforming.


In retrospect, if you are an avid music lover and don’t mind sitting through new and upcoming artist performances, then the 3-day pass is calling your name. I opted for the 3-day pass because there were artists I wanted to see performing every night. The only downside to this is that most of the headlining artist perform last and reentry to the Superdome is not allowed. This means that if the artists you like are playing hours apart from each other, you will have to sit and wait. This is a good time to grab an overpriced meal from one of the many concession stands.

If you are unsure about when to book your tickets, my advice would be to wait for the artist lineup but go ahead and secure your hotel and airfare as they go quickly.

Since the convention during the day is free, you’re guaranteed to experience a part of the festival. This is where you are most likely to run into famous people as well. Many celebrities come to the Essence Festival and it is common to encounter a few on your stroll through the convention.


Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans


Overall the concert tickets are definitely worth it if you’re someone who values music and live performances. If you’re just looking forward to a weekend of freebies, good food, and partying then skip the concert and head straight to Bourbon street. (All the concert goers will be joining you once the concert ends anyway)

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