6 Reasons Why You Need to Visit Guatemala ASAP

Flores, Guatemala

Guatemala, officially known as the Republic of Guatemala, is a beautiful country located in Central America. To the north and west, it borders Mexico, with Belize to the east. Guatemala has a rich Mayan history and 15.8 million friendly people. I recently returned from visiting Central American, and of course, Guatemala included one of those Central American countries. I fell in love with not only the people, but the landscape, history, and vibrant energy Guatemala offered. I’ve taken it upon myself, to lay out the 6 most significant reasons YOU should add Guatemala to your bucket list.

  1. Nachos are out of this world!!!                                            
    Guatemalan Food at a Restaurant in Flores

       But seriously……. I’ve eaten nachos in multiple countries in South/Central America and Guatemala hands down were the best in my opinion. Its something about those perfectly seasoned chips and all the toppings you could possibly dream of that makes for the perfect nachos

  2. Spanish Immersion
    I wouldn’t speak a lick of Spanish before I arrived in Guatemala and after only a few days there I was already able to semi navigate the street markets. They say the best way to learn something is to fully immerse yourself in it. After backpacking Guatemala I can concur. I’ve learned more Spanish in a few days than American public school ever taught me.
  3. Cheap Cheap Cheap
    San Pedro, Belize… But check out that color!

    While I’m sure you’ve head that Guatemala is cheap…. but do you really understand how cheap? Guatemala is so cheap it almost rivals select places in Southeast Asia. Where else can you get a quality gel mani-pedi for under $25 USD

  4. History
    If you haven’t heard of Tikal, Google it right now….. No seriously! Tikal National Park is one of the few World Heritage properties inscribed according to both natural and cultural criteria for its extraordinary biodiversity and archaeological importance.
  5. Nature
    fullsizeoutput_f04Speaking of biodiversity, Guatemala is home to thousands of different species. It was my first time seeing and hearing the famous howler monkies and even had my first snake encounter…. and yes, I did scream. The country is also covered in natural reserves (30% of its territory to be exact) and volcanoes. This country is also home to the two tallest peaks nu Central America which happen to be volcanoes also: Tacaná and Tajumulco
  6.  Culture
    Guatemala is an immensely rich country when it comes to culture. With up to 23 different ethnic groups, you won’t be hard-pressed to find different people to chat with. With so much culture also comes amazing food, traditions, and customs.


Flores, Guatemala



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