My Budget for Beautiful Belize

One of the most common questions I get when it comes to my travels is:

How much do you spend?……

That question is so broad there’s no way I could ever accurately give an answer for every country and person. It depends greatly on your travel style, things you enjoy doing, and what type of countries you enjoy traveling it. It is a known fact that southeast Asia is significantly cheaper when compared to the Scandinavian countries.


Rumors Resort, San Ignacio

I recently returned from Belize in August 2017 and I must admit, I had the time of my life! Belize is an amazing country with so much to offer! I was blessed to experience my first ancient ruin, swim with sharks, and ascend tranquil Mayan sacrificial caves. Belize has taken its rightful place in my heart.


For this blog, I will break my expenses down into 4 main categories: Transportation, Accommodations, Food, and Attractions. Of course, Transportation and Accommodations will be your largest expense. Food and Attractions will vary greatly depending on how much you do and see. Well enough of me rambling, let’s get to the mula.

*I have included some averages as Taxi rides will depend on where your hotel is located in each city.

*All prices are in USD and per person unless otherwise noted.


Dirt Road to ATM, San Ignacio
  •  $188 Flight from Fort Lauderdale to Belize City.
  • $115 Shuttle from Belize City to San Ignacio.
  • $1.50- $2.50  Taxi around San Ignacio ($20 total for 4 days).
  • $15  Shuttle from San Ignacio to Guatemala border.
    • *For up to 4 people.
  • $100 Taxi from Guatemalan border to Belize City.
    • *For up to 4 people.
    • *On my trip we went to Guatemala for 2 days. Stay tuned for that post.
  • $30 Round trip water taxi ticket from Belize City to San Pedro.
    • *We ended up booking a flight back from San Pedro instead of taking the water taxi…. Great decision!
  • $50 per day for a golf cart rental on San Pedro.
    • *For up to 4 people…. 6 if you don’t mind squeezing.
  • $89 Flight from San Pedro to Belize City.

Transportation Total: $494.50


AJAW Chocolate Tour, San Ignacio

Accomodations Total: $162.50

Food/ Alcohol

*While I didn’t keep the best individual records of how much each meal cost me, I did fall into a pattern of eating breakfast at the hotel (which was free at Corona Del Mar), and then grabbing lunch to go and a sit-down dinner with a couple of delicious cocktails. Of course, I had a few snacks through out the day as well.

Food Total: $300


Palapa Bar & Grill, San Pedro
  • $5 Cahal Pech Entrance Fee
  • $20 Guided tour
    • *Negotiated this price for 3 people.
  • $110 Actun Tunichil Muknal
  •  $12 AJAW Chocolate tour
  • $43 Marie sharp cooking class
  • $40 Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark Ray Alley

Excursions Total: 216.67 

Complete Trip Total: $1173.67

*7 days total.

Looking at my expenses, as usual accommodations and transportation make up over 50% of my total expenses. I definitely could have saved money by taking more public transportation and…. of course not taking a flight from San Pedro to Belize City when I already had a return water taxi ticket *rolls eyes*. But I will be honest, while my purpose is to always travel on a budget, I do not like to completely slum it. This is the main reason I opted for private TAXES rather than public buses. I do not want to ride in 90-degree weather on a bus filled with 20 other people and no AC. If you can find some people to ride share with, it can make the price of a private taxi very reasonable. Also had I not ventured into Guatemala I would have saved a significant amount on transportation. Also for those beer drinkers, you will save much more, I only drink pricey cocktails which drove up my alcohol and food cost significantly. Avoid cocktails and imported drinks, drink locally, eat locally, and spend a few days doing your own nature walks and you won’t spend nearly as much.

Coconut Man, San Pedro

Overall I did spend more than my allotted budget but that was due to my own wanderlust. I originally planned to spend a few days bumming it at the beach but I was just so intrigued with the beautiful history, culture, and scenic views Belize offered me. I ended up doing an organized tour every day but one.

In the end, Belize owes me nothing😊!!!!

Have you recently traveled to Belize? Leave your comments and tips before. 

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