Is Jamaica Safe for Solo Female Travelers?

Blue Hole, Jamaica

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if Jamaica was safe for solo female travelers…. You guys know where I’m going with this.  I have decided to address this topic once and for all. As a solo female traveler who has been to Jamaica more times than I can count, I feel somewhat qualified to speak on this. The media has bombarded us with images of violence and riots when it comes to this beautiful island. Sadly that imagine has taken hold and become the carbon copy for people thinking about vacationing in Jamaica.

I am not here to tell you that crime never happens and you don’t need to be vigilant, I am only here to share with you my experience traveling Jamaica alone. Being an African American woman, I cannot speak on the Caucasian experience since before I speak I am often assumed to be Jamaican, but my Polish friend Marta has more insight.

Blue Lagoon, Jamaica

So now the answer to the question at hand….. Is Jamaica safe for solo female travelers? And the answer is: Absolutely. After vacationing in Jamaica numerous times I can honestly say I have never felt unsafe, within reason of course. While travelling I do express a standard level of caution that I would in any city. I do not walk outside alone late at night, nor do I get too intoxicated to the point where I cant safely get home.

In my experience, majority of people in Jamaica are the nicest most loving people you will ever encounter. Yes the men can be a bit abrasive, but if you just ignore then, like the men back home they back off quickly. Even if you stray far from your hotel or Airbnb, it is relatively safe. I once left my phone on a gas station corner and came back 30 minutes later to find my Iphone still there. How many places in American can you say that about?

After speaking to a Polish friend of mine who I brought to Jamaica with me, she agreed with my experience. She admitted that upon landing she was taken aback by all the men, but it was easy for her to adjust. Now clearly she is a tourist and while exploring alone not once was she bothered or harassed. Upon leaving Jamaica she was not only sad to leave but eager to come back and visit with or without me. Not once did she experience any acts of aggression.

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 9.28.52 PM
Bob Marley House, Jamaica

In conclusion Jamaica is just like any other country. Obviously there are bad parts of any country, like Brooklyn or Compton, but that wouldn’t stop you from traveling to Los Angles or Ney York City. So why let the media stop you from enjoying the most beautiful and lively Island in the Caribbean?

My advice would be to go to Jamaica and experience all that you can! Of course I’d tell you not to wonder around Trenchtown late at night alone, but even locals wouldn’t do that. Just use some common sense. Unfortunately common sense isn’t always so common, which is where most of these horror stories of tourist being killed stems from. Take that dream trip to Jamaica and return with joyous memories that can last you a lifetime. After all who would want to miss Glistening Waters or seeing the birth place for Bob Marley? Check out my blog Jamaica on a Shoestring Budget to begin planning you trip!

Screen Shot 2017-06-15 at 9.41.03 PM
Emancipation Park, Jamaica



  1. Well said. Use discretion and anyone will enjoy their stay.
    This, “I once left my phone on a gas station corner and came back 30 minutes later to find my Iphone still there.” I wouldn’t use as a way to promote JA tho. Luck is real but it doesn’t strike twice where I come from.

    — Bless


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