Guide to Planning the Perfect “Find Baecation”


Negril, Jamaica

Finding that perfect someone to spend a magical vacation with can seem like a daunting task…. especially if you plan to find that someone AT your destination. Below are a few tips and tricks to make sure Find Baecation goes exactly as planned.

Tinder Passport will be your best friend! Sign up for tinder and choose the premium option. This will allow you to swipe in other cities and countries. With your account setup and the best angles are being utilized in your pics, it’s time to start schmoozing your way through the masses. Begin 1-2 months before you are set to arrive at your destination. Doing this will grant you enough time to weed through the crazies, weirdos, and spam. This also lets us get a taste of what the dating pool will be like in the city.

Once you have found a few potential prospect, begin attempting to get more personal information about your prince(ss) charming. The more you know the easier it is to confirm their identity…. If you haven’t seen Catfish by now I don’t know what to tell you. Facetime or Video chat with them to get a better feel for how things will flow once you’re together in person.

Krabi, Thailand

After a month or two of communicating, and a week or two before you leave for vacation, try setting up a few BaeDays. This can consist of just grabbing lunch or coffee at a must-see attraction or having a sunset dinner on the Rivera. Do whatever you feel comfortable with, but as always use caution and wisdom. One friend of mine shared her experience in which a prospect from Tinder Passport took off work and planned an entire day filled with excitement.


Hop in that car, on that plane, aboard that train and GO!… Check out my tips on how to Arrive in Style. Allow the worries back home to melt away and become free and weightless like the hummingbird. Drink that drink, dance that dance, and live that life!

Krabi, Thailand

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