Find Baecation?

Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Being recently confronted with the idea of vacationing with the goal of finding others to hook up with launched me into a dreamlike state of elaborate sundresses and champagne by the sea. Unfortunately, I was quickly brought back to reality. Now, of course, you’re more than welcome to interpret “hook up” however you please but when a close friend of mine shared her experience of partaking in such “Baecation” or more like “Find Baecation”, I was immediately captivated.

The idea may be a bit taboo for some but let’s face it, we are in 2017 and sex not only sells but is everywhere! Who doesn’t dream of romantic strolls along the Mediterranean with a breathtakingly beautiful Turkish man? Or dancing the night away on a breezy rooftop bar in Lagos?

And on the other hand, I can completely understand the desire for a peaceful, relaxing, uninterrupted, sabbatical in the French Polynesia. A little R&R is all you need sometimes.

After listening to my friend’s recollection, I began to wonder if there was a parcel of people whose current dating status was Baecation. After speaking to tons of women who have participated in these such things I came up with a Guide to Planning the Perfect “Find Baecation”.

Now I am not advocating for anyone to do anything irresponsible, but I do understand that people like to have different kinds of fun while traveling. I can only hope that you make all your dreams come true and if a “Find Baecation” is one of your dreams, I hope to help you be safe and have the experience of a lifetime.


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