Arrive In Style

Throughout my travels, I have emerged from enough flights resembling something of the Walking Dead that I HAD to develop a routine to refresh after long-haul flights. There is nothing worse than hopping off a plane only to be greeted by a man (or woman) who was clearly sculpted by the gods! Not a good start to vacation. Along with drinking plenty of water, comfy clothes, and keeping those hands and lips moisturized, here are a few other tips I’ve come to love.

Let me be the first to say that I am in no way shape or form a makeup/ skincare expert but I do at least try to look presentable. The first thing I ALWAYS pack in my carryon or backpack is baby wipes. These are multi-functional, serving as face wipes, body wipes along with lady part wipes. There is no better feeling than being fresh down there…. At least in my opinion.

Deshaies, Guadeloupe

The second most valuable item in my carryon is a couple of pairs of extra underwear. I am obsessed with being fresh and smelling fresh. I hate freshening up and then putting the same pair of underwear back on.  Nothing puts a bigger pep in my step, besides a little liquid courage. If you don’t want to pack extra panties you can also just wear panty liners and change them out periodically.

Now that we have taken care of our lovely kitty kat, next comes the body and face. Once I am off the plane I immediately head to the restroom. I use the baby wipes previously mentioned on my face, neck, and underarms. I then proceed to apply the deodorant that I packed in my carryon.

Now that our body is taken care of and our face is clean, the beautification products come out. The first thing I grab is an eye serum. I don’t know about y’all but I sleep A LOT on airplanes and often arrive with puffy baggy eyes. Using an eye serum eliminates most of the evidence of my mile high slumbers. Once the eye serum is absorbed, I always follow up with a facial moisturizing spray or cream. I then apply either a full coverage foundation or more often, a bronzer (basically anything to cover up the blemishes on my face)…. Apply whatever other basic makeup essential you feel necessary. For me its mascara, blush, eyebrows (non-negotiable), and a red lip.

Les Saintes, Guadeloupe

And finally, the one thing in the world I am absolutely addicted to is MINTY GUM!!!!! Fresh breath is a must and another non-negotiable in my book.

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